About Me

After earning a B.A. in English and teaching certification from Bucknell University, I taught Title One Language Arts at a high school on the Navajo Indian reservation in Arizona for two years. I then embarked on a decade-long career in corporate communications in New York City and Boston, and in 1991, led a group that won the public relations field’s most prestigious national award, the Silver Anvil. Starting in 1998, I earned a Master of Education degree followed by a Master of Clinical Social Work degree from Boston University. In the years since, I’ve developed a general therapeutic practice that includes a special emphasis on learning, attention, and executive functioning issues. Because there is no single remedy to such challenges, I help my clients pursue a variety of interventions tailored to their needs. Interventions target skills such as:

  • Maintaining attention
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Reading & recalling
  • Lateral thinking
  • Visual-spatial thinking
  • Taking notes
  • Studying
  • Writing
  • Sensing social signals
  • Making small talk
  • Speaking assertively

I have conducted workshops for teachers, therapeutic professionals, and graduate students in education and health fields at:

  • Tufts University
  • MGH Institutes of Health
  • Lexington High School
  • Francis Parker Charter School
  • Educational Training Collaborative
  • Cambridgeport School
  • Milton High School
  • R.J. Grey Middle School
  • Lawrence Academy
  • Boston Neurofeedback

Presentations have covered coping with ADHD, treating nonverbal learning disabilities, managing anxiety, understanding the teenage brain, and parenting effectively.

I see clients out of two offices: a home office in Winchester, MA, and a second office in Harvard, MA. Most of my clientele pay out of pocket, but those with PPO-style insurance plans, seek coverage under their plan’s provisions for out-of-network providers.

The Next Step

Our work together will start with a short intro call to discuss your or your child’s needs and my treatment approach. This intake process ensures that you have everything you need for our first meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.